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Young White Swan and Speedy by PumpkinChans Young White Swan and Speedy by PumpkinChans
Getting back to my love of Young Justice, which I still want back, is my character White Swan the sidekick partner of Black Canary. She stands here with Speedy, sadly at this point in the series the Speedy I've drawn is the beloved clone who will be the extremely hot Red Arrow in the future. The two are about 15, 16 years of age at this picture. Even thought there mentors are close Speedy can't stand White Swan and has ever since she saved his life. This is all brought on because because of Roy's programming to work hard to become a member of the Justice League. Though Swan is friendly with Speedy and the two do act civil together, Roy still gets irritated by her, both her loving and friendly personality, but also because among all the sidekicks she clearly has the most chance to make it to the Justice League, oddly enough she herself has no push to join.
White Swan, known only by this name to everyone and much like Robin, Dick Grayson, she always covers her eyes and her actual identity is unknown to anyone other then the Justice League themselves. Swans powers include Super Strength, flight, and among other things she also along with her own Canary Cry she a talent called swan Song a wail that act like the canary cry but fills the target with such negative feelings that they become much easier to fight, the hypnotic trance ends after a few minutes and the target normally finds themselves in custody by that time.

More to come!
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March 5, 2014
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