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The Emperor Fights Alone by PumpkinChans The Emperor Fights Alone by PumpkinChans
Well Seirin's screwed! I've been saying it since before the match started. Sure I have hope, I have a lot of hope! But do I have faith they will
They only likely out come is a tie, that is it, but this is the final match there may be over time. But if not, then a tie is all I see, that or complete murder, I'm hoping for a tie. Then we can move on to Nationals!
Also I'm sorry but everyone says, Kuroko will enter the zone and slaughter Akashi. Not saying it isn't possible, but it's so predictable and who wants that?! Another one is that all of Seirin will enter the zone. I'd kill for that because it would epic, it would destroy Kiyoshi's leg but it would be epic, don't really see that happening.
Again a Tie is all that is possible, really it's better then losing because it means your an even match. Also Akashi couldn't take it as a loss because well it's not, no one really likes Tie's but if it means a rematch in The Nationals I'm all for it!
So what are your thoughts?
Will Akashi slaughter Kuroko and Seirin?
Will some how Seirin pull of a win so epic that no one will see coming? (I'm sorry, I doubt it!)
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May 12, 2014
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