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Aria OC One Piece by PumpkinChans Aria OC One Piece by PumpkinChans
Well I at last did something! One Piece is one of the longest anime's and Manga's I've been in to since it came out years ago! Since I was around the age of 16 to 18 I have had my OC in development and at last after 10 years plus I've at last have finished my concept art!

Time for some in formation. If anyone out there is as in to this anime you will be happy to know that I am pulling an Oda-sensei and keeping information back. I still have a dream that one day one of my characters will end up in an actually show! I think most fans of quality OC's dream of that.

Well on to the information. This will most likely be edited in time.

Aria "The White Rose" Pirate/Maid/Entertainer
Her animal resemblance is a White sugar glider,represented by the color Mauve, and she smells of fruit. The flower that best represents her is a White Rose.

Aria is a trapeze circus star for the Crown Circus (and my dream to be at some point a pirate on Luffys ship) She is the daughter of an unknown,possibly highly ranked, Pirate. Her dream is to find her Mother who is also unknown except to her. It is unknown if she actually has eaten a Devil Fruit even though she does have strange powers that have to do with the Moon/Moonlight.
Aria is known by Marines and Pirates due to her appearance, accrobatic ablitiy, and continuous romantic refusal of anyone. She's given the nickname "The White Rose" because of this with in both Marines and Pirates alike and is seen as "The Purest of Treasure on the sea", though she herself doesn't really think she should be called that in a similar way that Zoro dislikes being called "Pirate Hunter".
She has no legal bounty but many men see her as priceless. (Though once as a pirate I'd like her bounty to be around 60,000,000 to 150,000,000 due to her powers. Really as this infor will at some point be out of date, having any bounty between Nami and Zoro will make me happy.)

Aria is known for her long white hair, sunkissed tan skin, her feet burn easily in the sun, so she keeps her feet covered for the most of the day, and her violet eyes which are labled as well as her skin, she also has a tuff of hair that is a shimmering pink.(It's Natural) This causes her admirers to lable her looks, "Hair like Flowing Silver, Eyes like Precious Jewels, Skin like Silk." which she doesn't pay much attention to. Her clothes in the circus are her costumes with her normal clothes consisting of a white dress, large sun hat, and a long red ribbon around her neck that stands out. (As a pirate her clothes change frequently, though she mostly wheres dresses, she also wheres skirts and other clothes that cover up her clevage. Fighting attire is similar no matter where she is, though the amount of coverage and colors changes mostly, her fighting attire appears on her body witht the use of her powers which changes depending on the surroundings, and when not fighting normally wears swim wear instead of bra's or underwear. She appears very delicate and. other then Chopper. she would be the shortest of the Straw Hats.)

Aria was born on an Island named Wonderland in the largest village called Lark Village, so called named for the fact that its a moving island and not easy to find. At the age of 5 she lost her mother who seeming disappeared after protecting her island from intruders and became greatly wounded vanishing in front of her husband and child. Her father stayed with her for some time until he had to leave again, being a pirate it wasn't easy for him to be with her or her to be with him.

By the time she was 7 her father could no longer be with her in order to keep her safe. It was this time she went on a sea trip once her island moved to a new location. The island was Dawn Island. With her bold but innocent nature she traveled in to the forest only to be captured, it didn't last long due to being saved by young Ace and Luffy. Fascinated by them she followed them like a puppy back to Curly Dadan's. Not happy about having a third mouth to feed, again, Aria handed over a large baseball sized pearl from her monkey plush doll, she was then welcome to stay as long as she wanted. For the next few days Aria followed Ace and Luffy around, the boys not to eager to have there clear opposite follow them around. After what they thought was a clean ditch effort on there part they were Unwantingly sucked in to the ocean. When they woke up they were back at Dadan's, they were scolded by her as Aria was being praised by everyone else including Makino outside as she save their lives.

It's this that the boys except her. For the first month they were always together healing the pain caused by Sabo's death a year ago. This is quickly cut off by some, as Aria was bathing with the boys, and with Ace clearly flustered being older and having more knowledge of females then Luffy, until Dadan walks in on the trio and just about faints seeing Luffy fully nude and Aria washing Ace's back wearing only a small towel around her body. This is put to a stop and Dadan try's her best to make Luffy understand why. The second month Aria and Luffy were together far more often but at the end of the third month Ace was part of the full picture, the brothers fighting over her with out even knowing it. The end of the third month Aria had to leave the island to return home, Ace keeping his cool as Luffy repeating the upset from when Shanks left. Aria in her white dress and sun hat leans in and kisses Luffy on the lips, with Ace only getting a kiss on the cheek. It was once she was gone the brother added Aria to there goals as Pirates and just who's woman she'd be. Ace with a great deal of confidence and Luffy ranting. This is short lived as Luffys memory of Aria begins to fade, by the time he starts his journey he has no recollection of her.

Aria grows up on Wonderland island until she's 16, knowing that Luffy has left the same year being only a year younger in age apart. She doesn't travel far until she finds the Crown Circus and very quickly becomes a headliner. Before Ace battles Blackbeard he finds Aria, but before he can ask her to be his he see's her collection of anything mentioning Luffy which he knows she already answered him without a word. He leaves her with a kiss near her lips and calls her "little sister". When she learns of Ace's death she takes it very hard and is unable to perform for a month. The next two years she continues with her work.

Aria appears to be a delicate beauty which you could say she actually is, but she is really very bold and brave, not with just words but action all so. Due to her understanding that men find her attractive she is easily able to stop fights that have no meaning to them. Though she does allow men to fight over her enough to knock themselves out and leave her and bystanders alone.  This goes well for children which she teaches that fighting in defense and for health are the only reasons you should fight, unless you grow up to be a pirate. She seems just about fearless in any situation but does get scared or frightened, mostly when someone on the crew gets mad. She's also appears very modest as she covers herself up and normally does not show cleavage unless she can't help it. Though is not against going so far as to quickly lift her skirt to show Brook her underwear only to reveal she's wearing a swim suit which just makes brings a laugh to some, others heartbreak, Nami just feeling relived.

She takes after Robin and Vivi , but mostly Robin, both have what Sanji calls "Adult Charm" only in a small package for Aria's case. Like Robin, Aria is quiet, reserved crew member, rarely having outburst of emotions, and as such, joins her in having no face faults. Though she does show a happy smile and goes along with just about everything Luffy wants to do. Normally calm towards her crew mates, and joins Robin with occasional morbid thoughts. Aria is a loving, caring young woman she has no issue beating the shit out of someone who deserves it.

During combat she is normally calm with a serious look on her face. On most occasions she takes on Luffys own expressions. Mostly with her combat clothing change so does her personality. She is not against taking the easy way out in a fight with man or woman. For man she will go for the crotch if she can, and has no problem ripping a woman's top clean off.

The male crew member's have no defense against her as she gets along with each of them perfectly, that and she can be rougher on the guys then Nami. Oddly enough Luffy just doesn't seem bothered by it even as she just punches the gut of the one who's upsetting her with a smile, sometime many times or even sitting on them and bending them, which seems to be mostly reserved for Ussop and Brook. Aria doesn't seem to have any rage or anger. She will get mad on different levels but when she want to be alone, let her.

If your still reading, thank you! Also the outfits above the left is her circus costume and no she isn't nude under her skirt she has on white leggings, that one is still in development, but it works for now. The one on the left is a standard set of clothing. I've noticed in earlier episode everyone had a set, but that changed and the outfits change depending on the ARC. 

And just to get it out there, yes Aria is in Love with Luffy. BUT! And here's the shocker for you! She doesn't pursue him! She is happily waiting for him to come to her. But the boy is to pure and has a one track mind so even though he shows signs of affection and interest in Aria he doesn't get it. I'll draw pictures in the future showing what I mean. There is this really cute thing I so want and that is for Luffy to scream out during a fight "Aria, is MY WOMAN!" I'd so love that! Of course Luffy wouldn't know what he is actually saying that is. I think it's really cute. I even have a whole movie and two ARC's already in my head! HA!

Well that's it for now. Any question's? Maybe I can answer them.
saber360 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015
Amazing :)
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Thank you! I worked so hard on this!
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